How did I land in an impact crater?

Even though I started out only 300 miles away, it took most of my life and a few cross-country trips to get to Mathews. On vacation in Virginia a few years ago, a friend from Alexandria suggested I go online and check out Rivah Country. I did and fell in love with the Deltaville website.

On my next trip to Virginia, I headed to Deltaville and drove down General Puller Highway enjoying the views of homes, shops, woods, marinas–all the way to Stingray Point. After another trip up and back, I realized Deltaville was not the town around a courthouse green that I’d imagined.

No mystery where this story ends: I found my way along Route 14 to Buckley Hall Road and then to Main Street in Mathews Courthouse. A stop at Mathews Art Gallery and the Bay School, a look in the library and a drive around the county…and it felt like coming home. It took several months more to arrange it, but I made it home here 8 years ago.